Labels And Ribbons


Labels/Tags will normally be of a set size, often 100 x 50mm or variable length. Variable length uses continuous roll with a cutter which automatically cuts to length the required tag. This is a big advantage when sometimes you may want just a small tag.

A problem with any printing system is that you can only have one roll in use at a time, meaning one colour only. This is a problem when doing tests in environments with different retest dates where using different colours make it easy to see what is due for testing and when.

Patreviews have found a solution with ‘dual time tagging’ coloured rolls and with the METROiPAT SupaPAT you can actually get at least 3 colours from any roll without changing the roll! See out METROiPAT SupaPAT.

Another item developed by Patreviews, using knowledge gained through actually doing millions of tests, is the ‘double tagging’ system. When testing a computer monitor with lead in tandem (both are tested at the same time) if the test is a pass then this result is saved twice and two tags are produced (with incrementing numbers) – this cuts testing time in half as without this function you have to redo a test to get the second tag. Patreviews use these testing innovations everywhere, they are brilliant and really work.

If you want to test accurately and with an auditable tag (each tag has a unique asset number and a 2D audit code for quick audits should there be concerns over whether testing has been done properly.